Friday, December 30, 2011

Initial Syllable/Silaba inicial

The student grabs a card (syllable), reads it aloud, and places it in its corresponding place.  The purpose of the work is to reinforce initial sound, syllable reading & recognition, as well as vocabulary build-up.

El estudiante agarra una tarjeta que contiene una silaba, la lee en voz alta, y luego la coloca en su lugar correspondiente.  El proposito de este trabajo es reforzar el conocimiento del sonido inicial, silaba inicial & lectura de silabas, ademas de adquisicion de vocabulario.

In  this version of the work, the student grabs a picture card, names the object aloud and then places it under its beginning syllable sound.

En esta version del trabajo, el estudiante toma una lamina, la nombra en voz alta y luego la coloca debajo de su silaba inicial.

Letter S/Letra S-syllables/Silabas
Letter P/Letra P-syllables,silabas
 Letter N/Letra N-syllables,silabas


  1. These ideas are great! Can you you send them via email?

  2. These cards will help my students, since I am going to teach is Spanish, how can I get them?